Solid Rock Church
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This program is designed to support members of Solid Rock Church with specific funds for living. 


Benevolence fund

The Benevolence Fund is designed to offer spiritual, financial, and resource support to individuals who are in need. As a local church, we confess that we are responsible for our membership before Yahweh and thereby have created this program to fully support members in need or crises. We recognize the reality of life and hard time and stand ready to love and support you in this season.



This is a one-time grant that can provide food in the shape of a gift card for you and your family. While this is only a one-time grant, we can point you to long-term resources.


More than anything in this season, we want to pray with you to a generous Father who gives. We also want to remind you of Matthew 6v26-34, and how much Yahweh cares for you. 


We understand that some will need ongoing assistance and resources. While we are not equipped to offer continued support, we can point you to some places that are. 

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