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3 ways to invite someone to Easter

Easter is just about 4 weeks away and many of us know dozens of people who don't know Jesus and are curious about the Gospel. Our Easter gathering is a wonderful opportunity for people to begin discovering Jesus and therefore a wonderful gathering to invite friends and family to. 

First Pray

Before engaging in any of the ways below, I want to encourage you to pray. The reality is that your ability to invite others into the Gospel and our Easter gathering is not natural. You are naturally opposed to Yahweh's way and therefore should seek His way of sharing and His boldness in sharing (Acts 4v29). Your prayer should be rooted in Peter's ethic of sharing derived from walking and living with Jesus: meekness and respect (1 Peter 3v15).

Invite through Friendship

Many of us have friends that we laugh with, cry with, and travel with; these are people who are dear to us and Yahweh. Consider inviting these friends to our Easter Gathering. A personal invitation over dinner, or coffee, or while hanging out is a good time to ask. Consider telling them that you've prayed for them and that you would love to have coffee with them before the Easter Gathering.

Also consider where your friend is; have empathy for where they are. If they're post-christian, consider talking to them about that experience and mourn with them. If they're agnostic, consider talking about what their hope is and listen to what they say. If they're in discovery and want to learn more, consider how you can walk with them to discover more about the Gospel and who Jesus is. No matter the case, you should listen to them and understand where they are coming from. 

Invite through Gifts

Creatively, gift-giving is a brilliant way to invite others to our Easter gathering. Perhaps you can bake some cookies with your children and deliver them with an invite to Easter. Maybe you can consider buying some spring flowers at the farmers market and leaving them with an invite on your neighbors doorstep; you even host a dinner on a weekend and give out some invitations. In your gift-giving consider the person you want to invite, be creative and loving in what you give them. 

This is not a bribe, so you should do everything you can to make this wildly personal and familiar to the person your inviting. Remember to act in grace and compassion as you give gifts and invite. In this type of inviting or another, don't be pushy. If they decline your invitation, don't fret, understand where they're coming from and maintain a healthy friendship with them. Remember, mission talk time.

Invite through Social Media 

While we may have a few friends that we're close with, we're certainly aquatinted with hundreds online. Social Media platforms like Instagram or Facebook often serve as great platforms to casually invite a group of friends or individual to a gathering. There's probably some people on social media that you could easily invite through a link and personal message, there's also people that you could just invite to our Facebook event without even talking directly to them. 

I'll confess that this isn't the most personal or ideal way to invite people to Easter, but it's certainly worth a shot. If you're inviting people to Easter, my encouragement is to ensure that this isn't the only way you're inviting. Consider doing this and one of the options above. 

God's Invitation

In all of your inviting, consider the invitation of Yahweh. The Gospel is a story in which Yahweh has done everything to invite you and I into His family, His invitation is one that knows no ends. Consider what Yahweh has overlooked to see you as His child, consider what Yahweh has given (Jesus on a cross) to include in His family. Yahweh's ethic of invitation is one that goes beyond what's common and  convenient. Consider following in His way this Easter as you seek to invite others into the Gospel, maybe even going out of your way, emboldened by Holy Spirit.

Some helpful resources to share: 

The below are some helpful resources for social media. You can grab invite cards and posters on Sundays from our resource table.

By Ruben Reyes III

Ruben Reyes III grew up in Pomona, California. He began discipleship of Jesus when he was 16 years old during a high school chapel. Ruben received a degree in Biblical Studies from Calvary Chapel Bible College and is currently working on a Masters in Theology. In 2015, he led a group of families and millennials to plant Solid Rock Church in Downtown Claremont. Ruben currently oversees all teaching, vision, and church planting efforts in the Pomona Valley.  Ruben and his wife, Alexis, live in Claremont, California.