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David Zimmerman| Pastoral Resident

In 2017 I will be entering a one-year pastoral residency to receive training and to step into leadership over the area of Gospel Care at Solid Rock Church. Similar to a medical resident that receives training and enters that practice, I will be further trained in leading and caring for those within our church, as well as contributing as part of our leadership, thoughts and insights for where we could be heading as a church in the future. Traditionally called pastoral care, as the lead over Gospel Care, I will look to oversee other leaders in regards to the reconciliation of our members, the sustaining of their well being, guidance into their futures, and the healing of our members.



About the Mission

Claremont, California is a small city located approximately thirty miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Known to some as the city of “Trees and PhDs,” Claremont is a beautiful city that is home to the Claremont Colleges, an association of seven different undergraduate and graduate schools, making it both a sophisticated and educated place to live in. This location also happens to be where my wife Jessica and I have found ourselves since May 2016. It is here, in this time of my life, that I envision making a positive impact on the city of Claremont and the community I am a part of, Solid Rock Church.



Pastoral Residents at Solid Rock Church are ministerial staff members without official ordination or license. Residency is offered in a general sense with a hope to grow in a specific sense through discovering. As a result, a Resident will gain experience in preaching, gospel care, administration, community organization and more. Over the course of a year they will grow in specific areas with the hopes of becoming Ordained and Licensed Pastor/Elders at Solid Rock Church and beyond. 


For decades churches have resorted to educational institutions for training and equipping new Pastor/Elders and Church Planters. While seminaries and schools focus on the rigorous and much needed academic and biblical knowledge, residency offers an opportunity for practical and hands-on equipping for Pastor/Elders in a local church.


Pastoral Residents are required to fundraise their annual salary. Salaries vary based on need and vocational work. Fundraising is a continuous effort in direct partnership with the leadership of Solid Rock Church and works to engage family, friends and other churches to participate in funding local Pastoral Residents for the sake of expanding the Kingdom of God.

Support David Zimmerman

As I look to join the leadership of Solid Rock Church in 2017, I'm looking for faithful partners who can come along side Jessica and I. After prayer and consideration I hope you'll decide to become a partner in one or all of the following ways: 


I am always looking to meet new people. Whether that would be through coffee, by phone, or email. Hearing from others is always welcomed. 


My wife and I are trusting Jesus to provide for all our financial needs. If you can partner with any amount, please don't hesitate to give below.


I am always looking for people to join my prayer update list and pray for this journey. Email me at David@solidrock.us to join my list. 

*All donations to David and Jessica are 100% tax-deductible and will be met with a charitable tax donation from Solid Rock Church.