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Developing LEaders


Below are some helpful resources from Solid Rock Church that were recently presented at Gateway Seminary in Ontario, California. These classes were developed by Ruben Reyes III, pastor for preaching and vision at Solid Rock Church and Joseph Butlig of the Cru Church Movements National Team.


Presentation SLides

This download has the full presentation from Gateway Seminary.

Intro to LD Slides

This download has the three slides that brief our Intro to LD class. 

Intro Class 1

This class is focused on understanding, articulating and being able to share the Gospel, our theological foundation, our vision and the need for teams.

Intro Class 2

This class is focused on understanding, articulating and sharing our definition of discipleship including spiritual disciplines, rhythms, mission, and healthy relationships.

Intro Class 3

This class is focused on connecting people to lead teams, develop healthy growth plans, and understand and commit to making disciples in our context.

Note: This class is largely contextual, for that reason we don't give access to slides/booklets unless it's explained in person. You can schedule a meeting below.

More Questions about Leadership Development?