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Healthy Relationships


healthy relationships 

The Gospel has saved us from all things chaotic, including chaos evident in relationships.


we want everyone to have healthy relationships 


In 2017 we began to discover Healthy Relationships.  At Solid Rock Church, Healthy Relationships are essential as we continue to make disciples and train leaders. As we continue to experience Jesus Christ’s call to discipleship, Healthy Relationships will move us towards experiencing the gospel redeem all areas of our lives - working, resting, eating, curating, celebrating, mourning, listening, and telling the story. It is our vision that men and women at Solid Rock Church will grow in their awareness, conviction, and ability in creating and sustaining healthy, gospel-centric relationships with one another.

Below are some of those key principals and ways you can practice having healthy relationships. 


we are part of god's story


we are instruments of change


the heart is the target

we are god's ambassadors

Want to learn more about Healthy Relationships?


We want to resource you as much as possible. Click below to learn about helpful resources to equip you in your relationships.


Our staff members are equipped to help you work through creating healthy relationships. Reach out for some help. 


We try to have annual gatherings to teach, learn together and grow in understanding healthy relationships.