Solid Rock Church


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Our leadership exist to promote the success of our vision to make disciples, train leaders and plant churches in the Pomona Valley.


Lydia Duarte 

Lydia Duarte was born and raised in Azusa, Calif. Growing up she heard about needing to be "saved" by Christian neighbors, but wondered what she needed to be saved from. Having been in the local church for a few years, Lydia understood discipleship with clarity in 2013 as a founding member of Solid Rock Church. After Volunteering for 2 years, Lydia serves helping the Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Ruben Reyes III. Lydia Duarte lives in P Town (what locals call Pomona), California. 


Joshua Navarro 

Director of Operations

Josh Navarro was born and raised in Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. At the age of 13 he became involved with Youth For Christ and began discipleship of Jesus. He moved to Rancho Cucamonga when he was 14 years with his brothers and father. Josh is currently working on a an MDiv. from Gateway Seminary. He currently oversees all functional teams for Sunday Gatherings, administrative operations and membership inclusion.  Josh Navarro currently lives in La Verne, California.


Gabby Bingham 

Director of Discipleship

Gabby Bingham grew up in St. Charles, Missouri. Raised in a Christian household, she began discipleship in Jesus during her college years. Gabby attended William Jewell College in Kansas City, Missouri, where she played soccer and received her degree in Physics. Gabby is now working on a Masters Degree in Counseling from Gateway Seminary. Gabby currently oversees aspects of discipleship at Solid Rock Church, including our latest efforts to develop and sustain Healthy Relationships with one another. Gabby and her husband Hunter, live in Pomona, California.  


Ruben Reyes III

Elder / Pastor for Preaching and Vision

Ruben Reyes III grew up in Pomona, California. He began discipleship of Jesus when he was 16 years old during a high school chapel. Ruben received a degree in Biblical Studies from Calvary Chapel Bible College and is currently working on a Masters in Theology. In 2015, he led a group of families and millennials to plant Solid Rock Church in Downtown Claremont. Ruben currently oversees teaching, vision, and leadership.  Ruben and his wife Alexis, live in Claremont, California. 

Hunter Bingham

Pastoral Resident

Hunter Bingham grew up in Denver, Colorado. Hunter discovered the Gospel of Jesus during his freshman year of college. Graduating from William Jewell College with a bachelors degree in Business Management, he went on to pursue an internship at a local church in Kansas City, Missouri. After finishing his masters degree in Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, he became the Director of College Ministry at Southern California FCA Baseball and serves as a Pastoral Resident at Solid Rock Church. In this capacity, he teaches, oversees leadership development and leads missional communities. Hunter and his wife, Gabby Bingham, live in Pomona, California.