Solid Rock Church

Rhythm Groups


Rhythm groups

"Gather with one another to grow in the Gospel, follow Jesus, do rhythms and practice disciplines."


The First call that we see Jesus give is “Follow Me.”

At Solid Rock Church we still believe Jesus calls people to follow him. For the first disciples, “follow me” was an invitation to into the natural rhythms of Jesus’ life. These disciples would go into strangers homes with Jesus, celebrate holidays with Jesus, watch Jesus do miracles, eat with Jesus, laugh with Jesus and ultimately understand the Gospel with Jesus. This is what community looks like at Solid Rock Church. It’s a group of people who are following Jesus, doing rhythms together and growing in disciplines as they become like Jesus. 


Here are the Rhythms we Practice: 

Rhythms are the habits that we all do. We all eat, we all rest, we all celebrate. Most of us live with these rhythms having never been touched by the Gospel. But these Rhythms are not off limits, these are the very things that Jesus came to bring under his rule and redemption. We practice these Rhythms with one another and with Yahweh. Join us in Rhythm Groups as we practice them all together.  


work & rest




listen & tell the story


Celebrate & mourn


Curate shalom


Rhythm Groups relaunch quarterly. 

In the meantime, express your interest in a group or sign up for the mandatory info luncheon.



We encourage you to sign up and express interest in joining a group. This gives us an idea of who wants to join groups and how much space we need to make in these groups. 


Everyone who wants to join a Rhythm Group will need to attend our next Rhythms Luncheon. We'll introduce you to the rhythms and your new community members.  

Initial Rhythm Curriculum: