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The Gospel is a narrative in which Jesus served all of creation and humanity by giving up his own life. We follow his was by serving one another.


Functional teams

Sunday Gatherings would not be complete without the vital support and action of our functional teams. Below are some teams that you can serve on to help in our Sunday Gatherings. 


hospitality Team 

The Hospitality Team is responsible for cultivating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that draws people to engage in fellowship through greeting, ushering and serving refreshments. Be the joyous volunteers in the front lines whom people see first as they walk through the doors ready to make them feel at home. 


Rock Climbers Kids ministry 

The Kids Ministry is responsible for the development and learning of children primarily through healthy Gospel teaching. Volunteers are to nourish kids with appropriate materials and resources such as video messages relevant and relatable lesson plans, and enjoyable, “fun- creating” activities and games. The team supplements the growth of children received and cultivated within their respective homes.


Music & media Team

Our Music and Media team mostly meets on Sundays to help facilitate the vital acts of worship through liturgy for members in our gatherings and those who watch online throughout the week. These teams rotate throughout the month. Members of this team are musicians, audio/visual techs, and vocalists. 

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set up & Pack Down Team

The Set Up & Pack Down Team is responsible for assisting the set-up and pack-down of furniture, equipment and other various materials for the Hospitality team, Kids Ministry and Music & Media Team each Sunday Gathering. The logistical and organizational vitality of this team undergirds the operation and success of the aforementioned teams. 


Other Teams 

The below teams consist of mostly missional teams and special events teams. You can serve once a month, twice a month or once a year on these teams. 


Homeless Team 

Once a quarter we send out a team to deliver food, resources and hygiene packs to our friends who don't have homes to live in. You must be 18+ to be on this team you must register before hand to be on this team. This team exists to perpetuate the mission of God to bring redemption to those who live on the streets on Pomona and other cities. 


Easter Team

There are multiple teams that exist to make our Easter Gatherings happen. Easter is our largest gathering of the year attracting more than 300 people at the Claremont Colleges. Easter Teams are forming year round, please express you interest in joining a team below.


Events Team 

Our events team helps us with planning and logistics around special and unique events that Solid Rock Church does. From advertisement to packing up, this team ensures that local family-centric events we have are successful and work towards developing a healthy culture of celebration! 


Photo/Video Team

This team exists to capture and curate moments of celebrating at Solid Rock Church. These teams serve sporadically at specific gatherings throughout the year. We encourage photographers and videographers to use their own equipment during these gatherings.