Below are the teachings from our most Current study. We invite you to listen to them, learn from them and use them as your grow in your walk with Jesus. If you have any questions about the teachings or church please use our contact page to connect with us. 

MARK 8-16 

For the past year, with some break, we've been studying through the Gospel According to Mark. We've been in this series to identify two things about Jesus: He's the Messiah and He's the Son of God. These studies walk us through the life, purpose, death, resurrection, forgiveness, sanctification, and compassion of Jesus. We encourage you to listen and see who Jesus is according to Mark. 


This year we celebrated Easter at Foothill Country Day School in Claremont, Ca. We had a time of singing, learning, and receiving communion. Below is the message from our Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Ruben Reyes, III. The theme and message was titled "The King is Alive," we encourage you to take a listen to it. 


In these studies the Pastors at Solid Rock and a guest speaker work to bring clarity to the person and work of Holy Spirit in the life of the church. The teachings are broken down into four main teachings: "The Promise of Spirit," "The Work of Spirit," Guest Speaker, and "Receive the Holy Spirit." The goal of this study is to introduce people to the radical, existential, compassionate, and supernatural relationship that Yahweh longs for us to have with Him through Holy Spirit. 


Solid Rock is beginning a second  year together as a local Church. In this study we look at Nehemiah and the provision that was given to Nehemiah for the sake of rebuilding the wall. As a Church we've adopted a new Vision statement in which we long to "seek the renewal of our cities through the Gospel of Jesus Christ." For us, we see that we're renewing and rebuilding these cities we all call home, and much like Nehemiah we're trusting that the Hand of God is with us and will complete this work. 

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