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The Gospel


   The Gospel   

The Gospel is God's unfolding narrative of redeeming all things, heaven and earth, starting with people. Learn more below:


What is the Gospel?

There are a lot of thoughts around the Gospel. Probably the most common is that the Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If you grew up in church you heard these called the Gospels. But the Gospel is more than that. The Gospel is a grand narrative of God’s creation of all things, humanity, Jesus, and a hope-filled future. The Gospel is a story told by His creation, humanity, with a supernatural twist of inspiration and divine knowledge. The Gospel is something new. It’s good news for humanity, creation, history and you. The Gospel is encouraging, hope-filled, and convincing. The Gospel is something beautiful. You have to keep discovery in mind as your think through and learn more about the Gospel. It’s like the most intricate origami you’ve ever seen. Think about unfolding an origami, all the turns and unfolding, that’s the discovery of the Gospel. It’s simple, but it’s far-reaching in it’s implications.


Act 1


Genesis opens with Yahweh creating. He envisions order amidst chaos. He designs trees for cleaning air, plants for eating, animals for enjoyment, and so much more. He makes everything- all with a unique purpose and He says "it is good." We learn that it’s a world free of disease, unnecessary pain, and death. It’s a place that’s made for the purpose of Yahweh being with a unique and valuable creation made in his own image- humanity. Amidst all of this good creation, Yahweh plants a garden where he longs to dwell with humanity forever.

Consider: Genesis 1v26-28, Psalm 51v5, Romans 3v23, Ephesians 2v1-3)



We’re introduced to humanity as image-bearers of Yahweh- good by nature and design. Humanity longs to become like God and choose what is good and what is evil. By this choice, they’re infected with the internal effects of sin and chaos. Humanity is plague with this for generations- evil and wickedness enter Yahweh’s good world, and what was once orderly is again chaotic. Humanity still walks in the effects of this chaos, infected with selfishness.

Consider: Genesis 1v26-28, Psalm 51v5, Romans 3v23, Ephesians 2v1-3


Act 2


Act 3


Yahweh longed to redeem His creation; He longed to be in union with his image-bearers again. Central to Yahweh’s redemption plan was Jesus. Jesus would come as a second Adam, but instead of being selfish, He would be selfless. Chaos and sin was and is offensive to Yahweh, and it brought a price to be paid. Jesus would pay that price by selflessly dying on a cross. Death was the final cost. In a turn of events, Jesus conquered death- putting death in the grave. Jesus emerged from the grave alive as a distributor of this new life, offered in his work alone. Jesus made it possible to redeem all things, heaven, earth, and humanity. Jesus’s resurrection meant that humanity could once again walk with Yahweh- fully alive. You and I are infected with the same chaos and sin; but in following Jesus we experience relief from that infection as a way to new life. Jesus calls us to model his selfless and grace-filled way and call others to it.

Consider: John 1v1, 1 Timothy 2v5, Romans 3v21-26, 2 Corinthians 5v21, Isaiah 11v1-5



This last act is a picture of a future void of chaos and sin. It’s a picture in which humanity has followed the way of Jesus. Following Jesus leads to a future  city with order, void of suffering, tragedy and shame. It’s a future that is reminiscent of Edenic creation- but so much better. Nations live at peace with one another, wolves lie with lambs, and redeemed humanity spends eternity with Yahweh; the way it was always meant to be. In the meantime, we get to live in the already-but-not-yet Kingdom on earth. Though you can’t see it, Christians are meant to be image-bearers of the King, modeling to the whole world what this future can look like right now.

Consider: Psalm 50v1-6, Hebrews 13v14, Revelation 22, Mark 1v15, Acts 20v21,  Revelation 21v1-8


Act 4


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