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Below are some important forms for the administration and operations of Solid Rock Church.

Welcome to the forms page for leaders at Solid Rock Church.


event request form

Every event at Solid Rock Church needs to go through our Event Request Form and should be submitted no less than 30 days prior to your event. Please be as thorough as possible when using this form. If you need help submitting or answering any of the questions, please reach out to Lydia Duarte. 

Reimbursement Form

This form is for key leaders who have spent money from their own account and need to receive reimbursement for their expense. Please allow 5-7 days for processing and reimbursement. Keep in mind that you will still need to email a copy of your receipt to


Missing Receipt Affidavit

This form is used for staff members who have used cards belonging to Solid Rock Church for purchases related to making disciples, training leaders and planting churches in the Pomona Valley and beyond. In the event that a receipt is lost, you should immediately file a Missing Receipt Affidavit to be turned in to Joshua Navarro. This form should be printed and filed within 30 days of the transaction. 

missional community leader inventory

This form is for our Missional Community leaders. We really appreciate those who have willingly volunteered to lead in their local communities and develop themselves and others as disciples of Jesus Christ. This form creates a space for our Missional Community leaders to reflect on their experiences, create goals for future growth, and invite us into the process to support & equip however possible. Thank you for what you do!


Team Formation 

This form is used by participants leaving our Discovering Leadership Class who are hoping to develop a new team at Solid Rock Church. This form largely reflects Gospel, Theological Foundation and Vision that was reflected in DL1. If you have questions, you can connect with Hunter Bingham.

Purchase Request

On occasion, some Team Leads are given a budget to make purchase requests for their teams efficiency and success. This form is used for purchase requests over $100 that need approval before reimbursement. Please use this form no later than 14 days before your expected purchase date. 


Pre-Marital Class

We're always glad and happy to see couples deciding to marry. Marriage can be a difficult and challenging life-stage, but we believe that marital-hope is available through the Gospel. In this class, we offer a brief-time for you to learn some important principals around marriage from the Gospel and from another couple. These classes are offered when needed, so sign up when you're prepared. We're ask that you sign up for these classes no later than 60 days before your wedding date.  

team leader inventory

At Solid Rock, we really value leading on teams. After someone's leadership experience, we seek to healthily reflect through personal inventories - forms which provide space for personal evaluation, introspection, appreciation, and growth. This inventory form is for leaders who have recently served as a leader on a team. Please complete this inventory so your group can corporately reflect as a team.


One on One Reports

This form is used by our One on One team for reporting monthly meet ups, concerns and progress. These forms should be used to communicate with Gabby Bingham, Director of Discipleship. Please be as thorough as possible when using this form to communicated clearly the progress of your one on one. 

Pre-Leadership inventory

We regularly seek to provide opportunities for leadership development. And as our members step into leadership roles, we want to help equip them as best as possible. This pre-leadership inventory is an effective way for us as a staff to not only recognize the current status of our developing leaders, but to help equip them for future growth as well. That being said, we would greatly appreciate future leaders to fill out this role so we can step into awareness, vision, and strategy of leadership development together.


volunteer Application

As part of our requirement for all volunteers in all functional teams (Music & Media, Hospitality, Set-up & Pack Down and Kids Ministry), a Volunteer Application Form must be filled out for our records. We look forward to serving the body of Christ at Solid Rock with you!